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City of Richland

About Us


In 2001, the City of Richland began a journey toward becoming a values–based organization, with less reliance on policies and “rules.” To further this effort, municipal staff and City Council have embraced the values of teamwork, integrity and excellence.
Teamwork: We will work together, demonstrating collaboration through mutual reliability, openness and flexibility to accomplish our goals.

Integrity: We will demonstrate an uncompromising allegiance to the core values of honesty, respect for others, loyalty, consistency, accountability and sincerity.

Excellence: We will deliver a superior level of commitment, responsiveness, performance and provision of services to all, with the attitude that everything is worth our best effort.

Vision Statement
Richland is a progressive, safe and family-friendly community that welcomes diversity. It is noted for excellence in technology, medicine, education, recreation, tourism, and citizen participation. This dynamic city, situated on two rivers, actively supports opportunities for economic development that are in harmony with the area’s unique natural resources.

Mission Statement
The City of Richland is responsible for furnishing cost-effective services and well maintained facilities, safeguarding the public and property, enhancing the community’s favorable quality of life, protecting Richland’s natural environment, and sustaining a healthy, growing economy.