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Bombing Range Brewing Co.


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About Us

What is the goal of Bombing Range Brewing Company (BRBC)? The answer is to produce high-quality ales and lagers and serve them to the hard-working residents of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, WA.

Why? Well, why not. At least that’s what Mike and Dashia Hopp’s dream has been for years before taking steps in 2015 to make that dream a reality.

The history of the Tri-Cities area is embedded deep within the Manhattan Project during World War II, which brought thousands of people to the local area.

With a strong military presence in the area for the development of the fuel that would ultimately be used in the first atomic bombs; a practice area named Bombing Range located in West Richland, WA was created for pilots in order to drop their munitions (bombs). BRBC embraces the history of our community and our Nation with pride.

Locally owned and operated by Mike and Dashia Hopp of West Richland, WA, BRBC’s goal is to serve the hardworking community with quality ales and lagers in a laidback and relaxing atmosphere.

We understand that you as a consumer of craft beer can go anywhere for a pint and that’s why we plan to match our quality beer with outstanding service to make your experience a pleasant one each time you come out to the brewery.