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Benton-Franklin Council of Governments


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BFCG & Our Region
Helping to bridge connections in the communities we serve.
The Benton-Franklin Governmental Conference was established as a voluntary association of the units of local government in the two-county region in 1966. The official name was changed to Benton-Franklin Regional Council (BFRC) in May 1991 and to the Benton-Franklin Council of Governments (BFCG) in 1998. The Benton-Franklin Council of Governments is structured under state law as a regional planning commission (RCW 36.70.060), a council of governments (RCW 36.64.080), and a Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) (RCW 47.80.020).

The BFCG is also federally designated as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)/Transportation Management Area (TMA) for the Tri-City Metropolitan Area and the Economic Development District (EDD) for Benton and Franklin Counties.